Restoring hope with dignity
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    Joseph J. Peters Institute recognizes that survivors and offenders are diverse populations with varied needs and provides treatment at separate locations in order to meet those needs.

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    “We are proud to have JJPI as a partner in our effort to reduce trauma-related symptoms that so many individuals within Philadelphia endure.”

    Edna B. Foa, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychiatry
    Director, Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety
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    Joseph J. Peters Institute is one of the few agencies in the country that offers a comprehensive approach to trauma by addressing the entire cycle of abuse.

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    The staff at Joseph J. Peters Institute create an environment where individuals feel emotionally safe, trusted and respected, promoting recovery and resiliency.

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    “We are pleased to have JJPI as a longtime partner that supports PCA’s mission to bring healing and justice to children and families in Philadelphia.”

    The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA)

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