Restoring hope with dignity

About Us

Since 1955, Joseph J. Peters Institute has been working to restore hope with dignity by providing expert clinical care for individuals suffering from the effects of trauma and for individuals with a history of sexual misbehavior and/or relational violence. Recognizing that true healing comes when individuals are able to find hope for a better future, our staff seek to develop that hope through the building of trusting relationships with our clients and through the use of proven evidence-based practices.

We are experienced in the prevention, treatment, and study of sexual and interpersonal violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other forms of trauma, and remain one of the few agencies in the United States that offers a comprehensive approach to trauma by addressing the entire cycle of abuse.

At JJPI, we recognize that survivors and offenders are diverse populations with varied needs. To best meet those varied needs, we provide treatment at separate locations, ensuring that we treat all individuals with dignity, in an environment that is emotionally safe and that promotes recovery and resiliency.

Serving the Delaware Valley and beyond since 1955, Joseph J. Peters Institute has been nationally recognized for its contributions to research and education, prevention and training, and evaluation and treatment. Since 2004 JJPI has been an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation.