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Partnerships & Community-Based Services

JJPI has a strong community focus. We believe that the impact of our work can be enhanced by working closely with those organizations whose missions we support, by improving coordination of services among our partner organizations, and by increasing access to our services through co-location of our staff at our partners' sites. To develop and sustain our community partnerships, JJPI often receives grant and foundation financial support.

Current Partnerships & Community-Based Services

JJPI Outpatient Clinic at Carnell School in the Oxford Circle Section of Philadelphia

In partnership with the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA), starting in 2019, JJPI employed a full-time clinician to provide TF-CBT free of charge to students and families at the Laura Carnell School in the Oxford Circle section of Philadelphia. After grant funding for the program ended, JJPI opened a satellite mental health clinic at the school in order to continue to provide assessment and therapy to students at Carnell School who qualify for Medicaid insurance coverage. At the present time, under the auspices of a grant received by OCCCDA, JJPI is able to provide treatment to some individuals without Medicaid insurance coverage at Carnell.

Delaware County Healing and Resolving Trauma (DelcoHART) Program

JJPI received a five year-grant from the Federal Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) to fund a partnership between JJPI and Family Support Line (FSL), located in Media, PA. The project embeds two full-time JJPI clinicians at FSL and expands the availability of evidence-based therapy for children and families exposed to trauma and for children who have exhibited problem sexual behaviors (PSB). The program also includes services for public, charter, and private school students, including evidence-based group therapy and school screening evaluations for students who have exhibited PSB in the school setting. In addition, the program offers consultation and training to school administrators, students, and families. Finally, the program includes additional case management support for individuals receiving services at FSL or at the Delaware County Children's Advocacy Center (DCCAC), which is a program of FSL.

National Nurse-Led Care Consortium and JJPI Mental Health Collaboration

JJPI and the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) have created a partnership designed to address a lack of access to timely and high-quality behavioral health treatment to clients in NNCC's Mabel Morris and Nurse Family Partnership Nurse Home Visiting programs. As part of the partnership, JJPI provides direct psychotherapy services to NNCC clients where they are needed, including in clients' homes, and direct access to psychiatry services for triage and in emergent circumstances. JJPI also provides consultation to NNCC nurses regarding behavioral health issues and concerns.

Strengthening Interventions in Philadelphia for Youth with Problem Sexual Behaviors (2019-2023) & Increasing Prevention & Enhancing PSB Programming for Philadelphia Children & Adolescents (current)

JJPI received three years of funding from the Federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) in 2019 (later extended to four years) to fund a project called Strengthening Interventions in Philadelphia for Youth with Problem Sexual Behaviors. The project involved expanding the availability of evidence-based interventions for individuals with demonstrated problem sexual behaviors (PSB) to prevent re-offending; implementing a school-based screening process that pre-emptively identifies and treats youth with possible PSB; and strengthening the existing network of organizations working in the area of PSB through coordinating a multi-disciplinary team comprised of local government agencies and community-based organizations. JJPI was awarded a second-round of funding in 2023 to continue to support and expand the partnerships and programming developed during the first funding cycle and to add specific PSB treatment for younger children who have experienced trauma. 

Former Partnerships & Community-Based Services

Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health in the PHMC Health Center Network (2018-2023)

JJPI embedded several clinicians specializing in trauma treatment at Public Health Management Corporation's Federally Qualified Health Centers to provide trauma-informed psychotherapy for individuals with substance use concerns and significant symptoms of trauma. Funding came from a five-year grant from the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and its Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care (PIPBHC) Cooperative Agreements.

Interim House West Trauma Screening Program (2018-2023)

Through this project, JJPI partnered with Interim House West (IHW) to provide trauma screening/assessments of IHW residents, their children, and additional family members. This partnership was part of IHW's Family Resiliency Project, which was funded for five years by the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as part of its services grant program for residential treatment for pregnant and postpartum women.

Boys Overcoming Stigma and Shame (BOSS) (2019-2021)

JJPI received a two-year grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) to create a program that supported male child and adolescent survivors of childhood sexual abuse. BOSS included the development of and distribution of gender-specific materials aimed at male-identifying survivors of CSA; targeted community outreach aimed at providing child sexual abuse prevention education; and the implementation of art, music, and movement psychoeducation groups. BOSS drew on the expertise of local artists and musicians, who ran creative activity groups and served as unofficial mentors and role models.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy in North Philadelphia in Partnership with Strawberry Mansion: A Sanctuary of Hope (SMASH) (2017-2019)

JJPI provided TF-CBT free of charge to children and adolescents in Strawberry Mansion and adjacent areas of North Philadelphia. Services were provided at churches, schools, and community centers. The program was funded by a two-year grant from PCCD.