Restoring hope with dignity

Outpatient Safety and Responsibility Programs for Adolescents (10-17) with Problem Sexual Behavior

The Joseph J. Peters Institute provides specialized services for adolescents with problem sexual behavior, including charges of or conviction of a sexual offense. We are able to serve individuals as young as 10 if they are adjudicated for an offense or 12 if not adjudicated.

Our approach is strength-based and holistic, examining support systems, incorporating relapse prevention, enhancing protective factors, and providing ongoing risk assessment and safety planning. Our ultimate goal is to help adolescent participants live safe and healthy lives.

Our multi-disciplinary team conducts a comprehensive evaluation including a psychosexual risk assessment. This initiates the treatment process, in which we use evidence-based and evidence-informed treatments in line with the Association of Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) treatment standards. Treatment modalities include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, psychoeducation, and psychiatric support, if needed. Individual, family, and group therapy modalities are used. A strong partnership with the City of Philadelphia’s family Court/Juvenile Probation Department (when involved) is an additional aspect of our program.